Monday, September 19, 2016

KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa

KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa

A new KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa has been launched where helicopter tours from six to forty five minutes have been created specially for tourist who wanting to experience a birds eye view of Kuala Lumpur by helicopter. This is one of the new KL's latest tourist attraction for those wanting something different while visiting Kuala Lumpur. 

A soft launched is being held on the 25th August for media and invited guests for this product too. Previously, there was another company doing KL Helicopter Tours but this used to be operated from the old Subang Airport in Selangor where they would do a giant loop from Subang to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Subang, but that company no longer operates that tour. This is mentioned here because when you do a search on Google, the previous company comes up in the search results, but is no longer in operation. 

View of Titiwangsa Lake, Image from Cempaka Helicopter Facebook Page
KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa has now taken the initiative to operate from Titiwangsa Lake or Taman Tasik Titiwangsa where it is just a short drive from anywhere in KL City to the Titiwangsa Helipad, making it much easier and hassle free for guests. The helicopters they use are the Robinson R44 which seats three passengers and one pilot while the slightly larger one is a Robinson R66 Turbine which seats four persons and one pilot. Both choppers offer panoramic views from all seating position too. 

The KL Sky Tour desk at Titiwangsa Lake, Image from Laurie K. Gilbert

The Robertson Helicopter used for the tours. Image from Cempaka Helicopter Facebook Page
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