Sunday, February 7, 2016

Perhentian Island (Video) : Escape From Hustle and Bustle of Town

HI guys, this is my first video ever while my wife and I went to Perhentian Island trip, I've never made a video before because always focus on my photo before, but now I realized that video also can make a big impression when you see again. Actually, I just shoot a few footage for this trip and not for make a video. A few days later I was look back all this footage and why not I combine and make the simple story from this footage right?

I was learned from my mistake after this thing happens, why not while you guys and also me when to go somewhere or nowhere just push the record button and make some footage of your trip right? If can I wanna learn more how to improve to make a good video, but for ill use my phone and xiaomi yi action camera only.

Sorry if my Perhentian Island Trips Video were not so clear or nice as other. I have been a few Island around Malaysia, yes Perhentian Island for me was great, peaceful, and nice island. The water was so clean and clear and got a lot of marines life here.

Trust me you will fall in love with this island. If you guys were planning for an island trip, this is the place that is you looking for. Cheap and worth for it to discover.

Check out my previous article and how to get there:

Perhentian Island how to get there.

Check out my video here. I was planning to make more video often after knowing my previous mistake. So for you guys, keep learn and make a great thing to improve what you have now. See you guys for my next article.

"While you guys travel, try make a lot of friends and get close to them. You will learn something new there."