Monday, September 19, 2016

KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa

KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa

A new KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa has been launched where helicopter tours from six to forty five minutes have been created specially for tourist who wanting to experience a birds eye view of Kuala Lumpur by helicopter. This is one of the new KL's latest tourist attraction for those wanting something different while visiting Kuala Lumpur. 

A soft launched is being held on the 25th August for media and invited guests for this product too. Previously, there was another company doing KL Helicopter Tours but this used to be operated from the old Subang Airport in Selangor where they would do a giant loop from Subang to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Subang, but that company no longer operates that tour. This is mentioned here because when you do a search on Google, the previous company comes up in the search results, but is no longer in operation. 

View of Titiwangsa Lake, Image from Cempaka Helicopter Facebook Page
KL Sky Tours Titiwangsa has now taken the initiative to operate from Titiwangsa Lake or Taman Tasik Titiwangsa where it is just a short drive from anywhere in KL City to the Titiwangsa Helipad, making it much easier and hassle free for guests. The helicopters they use are the Robinson R44 which seats three passengers and one pilot while the slightly larger one is a Robinson R66 Turbine which seats four persons and one pilot. Both choppers offer panoramic views from all seating position too. 

The KL Sky Tour desk at Titiwangsa Lake, Image from Laurie K. Gilbert

The Robertson Helicopter used for the tours. Image from Cempaka Helicopter Facebook Page
Kuala Lumpur Helicopter Tours Packages

Sunday, August 14, 2016

DesaStay Experiencing New Johor Tourist Attraction

DesaStay Experiencing New Johor Tourist Attraction

Have you ever experience how villagers people live? actually, I was born in a village and already know and feel how the livelihood looks a like. This places also my mum hometown and is my second home for me.hehe I ll be in Johor every year for celebrating Raya Eidilfitri.

For your information, this the new attraction 30 July 2016 DesaStay was launched by Mentri Besar Johor Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin and he said this new attraction will be different from others homestay concept that will bring more exciting activities and will involve participation with the whole villagers. This is something different right?

Tourist will experience especially somethings traditional rites and rituals as well as a chance to try out the unique food cooked by the locals.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park offers exciting water slides and pools.
So, if you;re planning a theme park trip for your children during the school holidays, you should consider the Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park, for here’s where your children can indulge in an exciting activity.

With that in mind, we’re showcasing travel packages that would suit your budget and make your dream of visiting this unique theme park a reality.

Theme parks are one of the main attractions that come to mind when families plan school holiday travel involving their children.
Theme parks have proven to be a hit with children. They provide a welcome break from day-to-day school routine and help them unwind from the stresses of school work and examinations.
But then planning theme park school holiday travel is anything but a tricky affair especially with the wide array of choices available.
Then there’s the time and energy needed to plan the theme park holiday. For busy parents, travel packages are a boon. They help remove the hassle in planning and making the necessary travel arrangements.
With that in mind, here is a selection of theme park travel packages that parents planning school holiday travel could consider.

So, would you like to visit Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park latest offering?

Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort Experiencing Golf Course

Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort Experiencing Golf Course

Are you a golfer and looking for the best and calmness places to play your hobby? Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort is the answer where will full fill your desire about your hobby. This place was located only 15 kilometres from the Johor Bahru causeway and less than 30 minutes from Singapore via the EDL link.

This resort boasts an 18-hole championship golf course and a world class clubhouse of unparalleled grandeur and elegance. This will give you the sneak peek and experiencing by yourself like a championship golfer.

Here they was provided Par-72 18-hole Golf Course that was established since 1995 and was designed by Peter Dalkeith Scott. Its two courses, Austin Course and Heights Course packed with a whole array of features that forces the golfers to think about every shot. Elevated tee boxes provide scenic views of each hole. With undulating fairways and water hazards, good course management is essential for this challenging golf course.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort Gateway to Paradise

Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort  : Comfortable and Relaxing.

Are you looking for the best place or hotel to spend your holiday with your lovely family? Here one of the hotel have an extra ordinary and intersting of facilities that will suitable with your desire, this will turn your vacation in to memorable and enjoyable activities with your family member.

Austin Heights Golf & Resort Hotel was located in Johor Bahru. This hotel has 65 luxurious suites and spacious rooms with views of the golf course or swimming pool. All rooms are large and spacious, furnished with a bed size ' King Size ' with shower and bathtub . Very suitable either for honeymoon , vacation with family , team building activities , motivation sessions or business. It is cool right?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Travel Tips Hotel Comparison : The best way to get the hotel that suit for you.


Hi all,

When we talk about travel, One of the problems alway cross our mind is about how to find choose how to make any comparison about the best hotel rate within your budget. Is it right?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Me'Nate Steak Hub Ramadhan Special : RENDEZVOUS FOR MEAT LOVERS

Me'Nate Steak Hub Ramadhan Special : RENDEZVOUS FOR MEAT LOVERS

Hey guys, do you have any plan where to Buka Puasa for this coming Ramadhan. This is one of the best places for meat lovers that who want their Buka Puasa a bit extraordinary full with mouth-watering and juicy  with of this coming Special Ramadhan menu. The smells was delicious yes it is delicious that I can say. They serve it with beautiful authentic food with charm and surely will attract those meet lovers.

If your after some quality meat for t this  coming ramadhan this is the place for you. They serve the best and premier meat for Bon Appetit.

For this Ramadhan Special menu, they were come out with 4 menu to be choose and the best thing is the menu will serve you with their special rice called Me'nate rice for the great appetizer.


One of the best thing about all this menu is you can share and enjoy it with your family members or your bestie. All this menu was come out with a quite huge portion to make sure you heavenly enjoy the food up to 6 - 8 pax per menu.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ramadhan Around The Coner : I miss my Family :')

Ramadhan Just Around The Coner.

While I wrote this, my eye can't stop from crying, I really miss my family and my hometown in kedah. I realize the time past so fast, I'm getting old as well as my parents also. I was really appreciate for my old photo while I was kid. I can see how much different the old days and now.

Seriously this all photo really bring back my old memories how my parents raised us till now. But this last and this year got a huge different where my brother and I got married and we had a new family member. ha ha ha

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bergaya Dengan Kasut New Balance, Baru Ada Style

Bila kita cakap tentang jenama kasut sukan terkemuka New Balance pasti kita sudah terbayang dengan koleksi kasut New Balance terkini bukan? Apatah lagi kerana koleksi terbaru kasut NB yang terbaru diperbuat dengan bahan yang sangat bermutu lantas mengekalkan reputasi jenama hebat ini dalam pasaran di seluruh dunia. Namun sebenarnya antara faktor utama yang membuatkan jenama New Balance lebih menyerlah dalam industri sukan dan fesyen adalah kerana rekaan kasutnya yang sangat cantik, segar dan cukup fashionable!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Perhentian Island (Video) : Escape From Hustle and Bustle of Town

HI guys, this is my first video ever while my wife and I went to Perhentian Island trip, I've never made a video before because always focus on my photo before, but now I realized that video also can make a big impression when you see again. Actually, I just shoot a few footage for this trip and not for make a video. A few days later I was look back all this footage and why not I combine and make the simple story from this footage right?

I was learned from my mistake after this thing happens, why not while you guys and also me when to go somewhere or nowhere just push the record button and make some footage of your trip right? If can I wanna learn more how to improve to make a good video, but for ill use my phone and xiaomi yi action camera only.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Perhentian Island Trip : Get Closed With Mother of Nature

Perhentian Island Trip: Get Closed With Mother of Nature

hai, guys! hope you all in the pink of health :)
Wanna shares with you guys my previous trip to Perhentian Island. Have you guys been there before? I know you guys already familiar with this one of the famous and beautiful island in Malaysia right? Just make it short, this Perhentian Island was located in Terengganu. This is our awesome trip even we just stay in the normal chalet but it's beyond our expectation, you know why? that chalet we stayed was quite nice and was located in Perhentian Kecil, this chalet was surrounded by fisherman village. My wife and I love it because normally this place not much with tourist because most tourist will go to Perhentian Besar where got a lot of entertainment.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Container Hotel Bukit Bintang Rendezvous of Tourist

One of My Favourite Place to Stay When Travelling To Kuala Lumpur The Heart Of The Golden Triangle

Enjoy the essence of concrete in the middle Heart in Kuala Lumpur. This is one of the minimalist place that will impressed you. Check out all this awesome place!

Container Hotel Bukit Bintang