Monday, July 7, 2014

In to The Wild | Pahang National Park

 © 2014 Photographed by Mohd Fakhrul Islam | Pahang National Park

This photo I used canon 450D and wide angle lense 20mm. For this photo I'm using small aperture at f/8 to create the sharp image for me aperture at f/8 - f/11 is good enough to create a perfect sharp image. But you need to make sure about the lighting condition.

Be prepare if you wanna go and photograph jungle, hiking, or visit to the place that have the environment always raining and moist, make sure you bring along the silica gel to keep you lovable camera, lens, and others equipment always protected from fungus.

This is because, I also have a bit problem to shoot this photo because of the light condition this time already become darker so I need to use large iso around 400 - 800 depending on your camera model. Honestly my DSLR 450D is the old camera that i bought last 4 years ago may be 5 years, but that is not a problem for me. Photography is how you solve the problem. So don't blame your camera if you can not get a good photo. Ask your self what actually you want in photography.

Even my camera have a limit in their setting and certain function such as don't have the setting for kelvin like professional DSLR, I can still develop the color setting in my camera that have a graph bar.

To be honest I Love | I Fall in Love | I really Love this kind of house, this photo I was photographed while visiting this Pahang National Park. I love for the first sight when saw this house you know why?

Because the house was surrounded by the jungle and cold, you can smell the fresh air here. While staying here also make me calm and relax. This is the true jungle not like Kuala Lumpur The Concrete Jungle.