Friday, June 20, 2014

My Photo was Stolen? | Respect Others Photo

Keretapi Sarong
© 2014 Photographed by Mohd Fakhrul Islam | Keretapi Sarong

Okay this story was happened to me a few days a go when this one girl was said that my photo above is from her. Wow make me shocked! this thing was happen when she comment on my instagram

You know what for me this girl very rude and never respect people! She never asked first about my photo then make a statement that my photo is belong to her. She just simply said that photo is from her. She's does not want to apologize to my. She called her self as a photographer? Oh my! Do not said like that if you never respect others photo.

One more thing is where you put your eye when you even do not know what exactly your own photo, just simply blame me and said that is your photo!

She have a blog but never update and I also not seen any photo there and she still call her self a photographer. Thank to my fiance because cheer my day that time while I'm get mad because of that rude girl.

See this I'll show you.

keretapi sarong
Rude girl simply said like this.

I go through their twitter and saw her photo and very different with mine. I also comment on her twitter, you know what?

This is her answer.

keretapi sarong

keretapi sarong

Think back what you have done to me girl ! hope you will read it, I want you to apologize to me! don't give that answer!