Monday, April 21, 2014

Black and White Photography Tips : Catch The Light

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“Without light, both we and our cameras are blind.” —Annie Griffiths

You Know It When You See It

This is about lighting, how you compose your photo and manage to get the image even in the dark. The photo above is don't have any single of light, but I was used the the trigger and the speedlight to make this photo.

Every photographer should know the "photo" will come out and appear from the light and without light will not produce any "image".

Every photographer can speak but how they speak is only through their language of light.

This is a few tips for those who want to manage to get the right lighing for the best picture. You need to spend time your time in one place and take note of how the changing light affects the mood and tone of what you're seeing. Do a few experiment with light sources in interior spaces, or you can get creative with light painting.

If can observe the way of light might fall on someone's face or your surrounding, cast a shadow across a surface, or play with color in a scene. Show to other how you see the light through your camera and what you see through your eyes.

Hope this will help you a little bit more about lighting,and sorry for long not update my blog because I'm busy doing a lot of work. Thank you and stay tune for other tips.