Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Choose the best Lens For You and Your Camera?



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Hii, today I want to discuss about  the best lens for you and your camera. This is because always become the main topic when meet with my friend, because we actually also an amateur in photography and always discuss about this thing.

So now I want to said every photographer have their own favor in this photography field. Some people like to shot people,some people like to photograph in landscape. So what ever you like in photography you must stick with this thing and this is a what you actually really need and not is what you want.

Find out where the "Pros" and "Cons" go to get their gear before you want to buy the lens. If can do more research before you buy because it will effect you if you buy the wrong lens. 

If can, master your kit lens first because that lens also can give you the best picture that you actually need. Let say this 18 -55 mm kit lens if you said this lens is not suitable for shoot landscape you now totally wrong because to capture in landscape photography you will need aperture around f/8 - f/11 just sweet to get the sharp image.

For example I was read a book about professional Photographer National geographic. He said one of the best lens to capture landscape photography is 50mm lens. This is because sometime when we use 10-22 mm lens we miss the thing what actually we want to focus. Most of the photographer did not take this or know about this serious thing. Because that lens make their eye look beautiful because that picture was showed in wide angle and can see everything. But this will depend what you want to show to other outside.

Know your subject matter first!
From this you already know what type of lens that you will really need. So why you want to spend your money to buy lens that actually not so important to help you in photograph. Think again before you want to buy.

They are an invaluable source of information that you can use in making your decisions on which piece of equipment that will be the best fit with your needs, not just your "Wants". Not to mention on how to improve your skill as a photographer.

Most professional photographer just use only two lens telephoto and wide lens only. So which one you really need only you will know about it. Go and ask people around you and they will share their experience with you. Some time you need to be in group to know what is really happen.

That is just my opinion only and you also can share with me if you have your point of view, Thank you so much for spend your time with me. :)