Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi this entry just continue from my previous entry, here I want to share how to make your picture become more drastic. But it also depend on how you want to make your photo look like, because some people like their photo in portrait position and some like in landscape position.

But for mostly I like to make it in landscape position, because now a day I like to print all my work, for me it will not call photography after your photo done printed into the piece of photo paper. You can correct me if I'm wrong. Don't make it as burden , just spend a little bit your money to print your artwork.

Back to my story, I was done some cropping to my photograph to make it landscape and a few photo enhance in adobe photoshop. This photoshop I think most of the photographer was used it to enhance their photo.

How to make it more detail I'll tell it to my next story. So stay tune, lately I'm very busy do my work at office, so I'll plan closely for the next entry and the detail to make sure you will got my tips and use it even I'm still in learning proces. So we will teach each other to make photography industry become more bigger.

Thank you so much for spend your time read my entry.