Monday, February 24, 2014


© 2014 Mohd Fakhrul Islam | Selangor | Klang | Aboriginal | Village

This is my first time visit this aboriginal village, before this I also have an experience but at Royal Belum Perak. This place very different because of the residence here already live in modern environment and have many infrastructure.

People here was live their live with work and their work is a make it carving. They very unique and also very talented, and I'm very respect with them.

I take this opportunity to take portrait picture with them. For your information they are actually very friendly and sometime they also quite shy when I want to take their picture.

I was shoot in RAW format because I can bring the detail as much as I want. Now a days I very like to shoot using RAW format than JPEG. JPEG picture already compressed the data of the image so it will have a limit when you want to enhance your picture.

The most important thing is you must and always respect thing what you want to snap before you take the picture so you will get satisfied for  the picture that you take and this is more valuable thing that I want to tell you. Not just only press the "shutter" simplify OKAY!

I just have a few minute to write this entry and I'm very sorry because every my entry I just put a little bit caption because I don not have enough time. 

But later I'll write a little bit info and technique how to make your picture have a story behind your photo. Even my photo also still not in perfect but I'll share as much as I can for.

Nothing wrong if we want to share thing that we know if that thing is right,you also can correct me if I wrong. 

I also glad if you all out there can share something to me and other people who exhausted to learn new thing out there that we don't know.

Thank you because spend your time to write my short entry. See you in my another entry :)