Friday, February 28, 2014


Black And White Photography Tips

Black And White Photography Tips

Black And White Photography Tips

Black And White Photography Tips 
© 2014 Mohd Fakhrul Islam | Black And White | Photojournalism

This is my first time shoot edit to make it black and white. Normally the black and white photo is too hard to deliver the message through the photo, only a good moment from the photo can deliver what the the story of that photo.

Black and white photo will give new expression and sometime we can fill like we at that place just only by see the picture.

I have idol in black and white photography and he actually already passed away. He already won a pulitzer prize through their photo. He is Kevin Carter and he really talented in photojournalism. If you want to see how he become a photojournalist you can see this movie " The Bang Bang Club ".

From this movie you can see how they put their effort to become a photojournalist. They put their live into the trouble just to make 1 meaning photo to show to the world what really happened at this world. I really hope that some day I'll become like him.

I always bring my camera when I step out of my house, because we don't know what we will find when we at outside. May be have a miracle that we can shot but only may be. For me, in photography the last part is just a fate after we have done all the SOP as a photographer, we just can plan what we want to snap but we actually don't know what will happen next. I repeat again this is all after we follow all the SOP as a photographer.

Don't put your work as a photojournalist as a burden because you will not focus when you do your work. So be honest for all the thing that you done. 

This is actually black & white photography, I promise that you will be satisfied with your photo after you be honest with your work and this will make you get into your black and white life.

Thank you for spend your time to read my entry.